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As part of our mission, Travel Again launched the I'm On Board campaign to

  • Reopen travel corridors

  • Eliminate quarantines in an ongoing COVID environment

  • Raise awareness that business travelers are low risk travelers

What can companies do?

  • Sign-on as supporters

  • Encourage employees to participate

  • Reference the campaign in marketing, public relations material

  • Are seen as supporting their employees, their company, the economy

  • Are good corporate citizens

What can individuals and employees do?

  • Agree to follow I’m On Board Guidelines

  • Become part of the solution

  • Proudly display their participation

  • Be a traveler role model

I'm On Board Guidelines

  • Proudly be vaccinated

  • Always wear a mask

  • Always follow social distance recommendations

  • Comply with any local COVID regulations

  • Abide by travel supplier vaccine verification requirements

  • Monitor yourself for COVID symptoms

  • If you have symptoms, get tested and self-isolate immediately

Buttons and Action Items

  • Have business contact us for more info

  • Toolkit

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