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Our Story

The year was 2020.


It started with an urgent need born out of necessity. The global pandemic devastated our industry, creating an unprecedented level of uncertainty for travelers and travel providers alike.

We talked at length about how we could help accelerate the recovery of the industry. Two things became clear. The first is that a key driver of any recovery pivoted on the ability to restore traveler confidence. The second was that it required the entire global travel industry to rally together and focus on a core set of initiatives that focused on that one objective.

With the help of industry leaders, medical experts, and a dedicated group of our closest colleagues – the Travel Again Project was born.   

Travel Again was an independent, not-for-profit project focused on restoring traveler confidence, driving travel recovery, and rebuilding the global travel industry. We advocated for efforts to unite the global travel industry in order to restore consumer and corporate confidence in traveling and to encourage responsible government policy, both domestically and internationally. During a critical juncture in our battle against the devastating effect of the pandemic facing the travel industry and our global economy - it was imperative that there was a concerted effort to prepare for and implement a coordinated global campaign for the recovery of the travel industry.

By every measure, it was a success and played a part in bringing our industry closer together through the darkest days of our industry’s history.

Fast forward to 2024.

Travel has recovered by most measures. Domestic and regional travel, led primarily by leisure travel demand, has driven up airline load factors and hotel occupancy. So, yes, the industry has recovered, but recovery doesn't mean going back to what was. It is now about the industry moving forward and embracing changes coming due to advancements in technology, altered customer behavior, and new travel patterns. Events and conferences are booming, but traditional business travel is lagging due to hybrid work conditions. Leisure travel was booming, but now growth has cooled. And due to initiatives driven by the world’s largest airlines, the inevitable next stage in re-engineering the travel distribution landscape is now in full bloom.

So we talked at length again about how we could help companies take the next step in adapting their businesses based on these new conditions, understanding the new context, and how to optimize in this new world.

As a result, we are proud to announce the formation of Travel Again Advisory. Let us help your company not just survive but thrive in the years to come. 

Mike McCormick & Ed Silver

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