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Travel Again Releases Recommendations to Phase Out Quarantines and Travel Restrictions


Contact: Meghan Henning


(April 29, 2021) Washington, DC—Travel Again, a global advocacy organization focused on restoring traveler confidence, today released recommendations to phase out the use of quarantines and travel restrictions in an effort to safely and responsibly reopen travel - particularly international travel. A coalition of 20 major trade organizations from the global travel industry worked together to develop the recommendations outlining safe alternatives that can reduce the use of broad, long-term quarantine policies as a method of combating future outbreaks beyond the initial detection period.

The coalition outlined key courses of actions to create a unified roadmap that provides clear, fact-based guidance for travelers shifting us away from the current ineffective “binary” guidance system of “travel” or “no travel” by global health authorities in place today.

“In order to reopen travel safely and effectively, particularly international travel, we must phase out the use of blanket quarantines,” said Mike McCormick, co-founder and CEO of Travel Again. “As an increasing amount of the population is vaccinated, more effective policies such as only quarantining travelers who test positive for COVID-19 will be key in safely reopening our borders for unrestricted international travel. This is important not only for the travel industry, but for our global economy as the return of international business travel has historically spurred economic recovery during previous significant downturns.”

Key Actions to Reduce and Eliminate Quarantines and Travel Restrictions:

  • Modified quarantine measures—Petition policymakers to modify quarantine measures to be implemented for recipients of positive COVID-19 tests only.

  • Develop framework of global standards—Develop a framework with specific measurements of low-medium-high levels of travel-related risk, separate from destination or individual behavior risk. This includes specific recommendations for vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals.

  • Leverage success of existing air corridors—Implementing international air corridors between countries or cities with compatible risk levels, especially among international hubs.

About Travel Again: Travel Again unites the global travel industry to restore consumer and corporate confidence in traveling and to encourage responsible government policy. Visit for more information. Join Travel Again and support the global recovery of the travel industry. Follow Travel Again on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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