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Travel Again Responds to Gov. DeSantis Threat of Executive Action Banning Vaccine Passports


Contact: Meghan Henning


March 30, 2021 (Washington, DC) – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) vowed to take executive action this week banning “vaccine passports” that businesses and local governments could potentially require to show digital or physical proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

The following statement can be attributed to Travel Again Co-Founder and CEO Mike McCormick:

“Vaccine passports or digital health passes have the potential to be an incredibly useful tool to support the reopening of travel - especially international travel. Gov. DeSantis’ concern that the use of digital health passes could be required for people to live their daily lives may have the unintended consequence of slowing the recovery of the travel industry.

Traveler confidence remains at consistently low levels since the onset of the pandemic and is one of the greatest hurdles in restoring travel. Clear guidance for travelers and tools for travel suppliers to support the process can help boost confidence and get travelers back on the road. A vaccine passport for travelers does not have to mean a vaccine is required to travel, however, depending on the rollout, it could facilitate smoother travel without testing or quarantines for those who can show one.

The facts show travelers would likely support such an initiative as well. A soon-to-be released survey from Travel Again shows 83 percent of business travelers have a positive or neutral view about the possible requirement of a digital health pass/vaccine passport to travel. For leisure travelers familiar with the concept, 86 percent hold a positive or neutral view.

The travel industry, and our economy, needs a roadmap that uses every tool in the toolbox to safely and responsibly reopen travel and tourism. Given the importance of the travel and tourism industry to Florida - and the number of international visitors that fuel Florida’s economy - Gov. DeSantis should truly understand the importance of providing clear facts and information on issues impacting travel.”

About Travel Again: Travel Again unites the global travel industry to restore consumer and corporate confidence in traveling and to encourage responsible government policy. Visit for more information. Join Travel Again and support the global recovery of the travel industry. Follow Travel Again on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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