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Speaking & Moderating

Mike McCormick and Ed Silver bring years of moderating, speaking and interviewing experience to your event or program


Need an experienced moderator that can deliver a candid, informative and highly rated panel?


Looking to engage a speaker that can engage an audience with insightful content?


Need an experienced on-camera travel industry expert?

Mike McCormick

Mike is a widely recognized travel industry expert with extensive on-screen and on-stage media experience. He has appeared as a guest on-air contributor with major media outlets ranging from MSNBC to Fox Business as well as covered in print media ranging from USA Today to the Wall Street Journal and Politico.

He has conducted numerous in-depth interviews with guests ranging from industry C-level executives, sports, and media icons to political heads of state. Mike was previously named the inaugural SPOKEies® Award winner as the top spokesperson in the Trade Association Category. He was recognized as one of the “The 25 Most Influential Executives Of The Business Travel Industry” by Business Travel News.

Ed Silver

With years of experience as both an expert presenter and panelist as well as a media producer, Ed brings an unparalleled range of ability to any appearance. Ed has a unique perspective on any tech related issue or opportunity given his past leadership roles as a Chief Technology Officer for multiple prominent travel brands. In today’s marketplace, Ed can provide valuable insight on topics such as travel technology, artificial intelligence and the business of travel. He has received industry acclaim for his trade industry and private company event appearances.

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